How the fate of your new book depends a lot on the book cover designer?

Various market surveys by publishers and people associated with the book business have concluded that in the recent past, readers are more enticed with the book cover. Therefore the old statement of “don’t judge the book by its cover” is lost in the wilderness!

If you write books whether self-publishing or with any traditional publishers, having one of the best book cover designers in your team is highly recommended. Get in touch with a reputed studio where they showcase so many instances of cover designs they have created for quite some time now.

You need the designer not only to create the cover of your new book but will help you during the promotional activities as well. With every passing day, the creativity of book designing is reaching new heights. By using cutting-edge software technology, the book covers designers shape up the unique book layouts and covers by using images, text illustrations, and by choosing the most accurate colour combination for the best outcome.

The fate of your newly written book depends a lot on the maverick skills portrayed by the book cover designers. Let’s take an intense look at the services the book cover designers offer based on which the success of your book rests upon—

Book cover for branding & marketing 

A professionally created book cover is the most important marketing tool for the marketing team you hired. Even if you’re planning and conducting the marketing on your own, the presence of an attractive book cover will be a game-changer.

  • Branding– Being in the book business, you must have known how important is it to brand yourself as a writer and feature the next book on the list. Promoting the news through your website is essential. For effective book branding, digital marketing particularly social media marketing are equally important for reaching out to more target audiences. 
  • Promotion– The significance of the creatively designed book cover is your primary tool for promoting your upcoming book. Despite designing the book, the cover designer you hire to take part in different promotional activities like the book illustrator you have in your team. Let the team develop some striking promotional activities for driving in more target audiences and increase the conversion rate. Organize events, a book launch party, a reading session, vlogs, online interviews, and offer special discounts to promote your book.

Focus on the first impressions

You must focus on the first impressions for luring more readers towards the bookshelves or the book cakes showcased. The covers play a significant part in pulling the crowd towards the book and a higher sales rate can be anticipated.

Hand-drawn Illustrations’ Strong Impact 

Particularly the hand-drawn illustrators work for children’s books. Whether you’re self-publishing or not, hiring a team of talented book cover illustrators should be in your cards for drawing the life-like illustrations based on the different characters or storyline of your book.

When you visit a studio for hiring a book cover designer, you can connect with the book cover illustrators there as the popular studios offer myriad book designing services under the same roof.

Book Trailer focusing on Promotions

You need a book trailer while focusing on the promotional activities. Here also, the contribution of the book cover designers along with the animation team must be acknowledged as together they create the amazing book trailer. Based on the genre, storyline, book cover art, the graphical interpretation of the book is created as a trailer for increasing the appetite for the new book.

Passionate readers still crave to hold a new book, open it and take the smell of the freshly printed pages even when a certain section of readers collect the eBook formats of the same book.


What factors will drive readers towards your new book?

Even though, you put your 100% in writing your new book, the acceptance from the readers will only influence the sales ratio, and this is how the fate of the newly launched book, will be decided. Henceforth, before you publish a book, consider a few factors such as the book cover design, layout, book illustrations, trailer launch, and digital marketing interventions to drive more readers towards the new book and make it a successful venture. 

Check out some of the top factors that will drive readers towards your new book and decide whether to buy it or not—

Creative Book Cover

There was a time when people believed in the saying it’s the book that should be judged; not its cover. However, the present-day acceptance of books mostly depends on creative cover designs. When the present-day market research says that the primary focus of the majority of book readers is on the attractive cover photo or design, you must hire a talented book cover maker from a renowned studio in the UK. Let the expert know about your new book and make a few copies of the book cover designs and wait for your approval before finalizing. 

Create eBooks

Since 2012, the popularity of eBooks grew drastically more with the influx of smartphones. Whether you self-publish or not, convert book to ebook to allow more readers to buy the book and read it. On Amazon, the demand of eBooks (Kindle) is higher than the paper-based book readers. Therefore, consider outsourcing the eBook conversion job to a renowned company that can transform PDFs into ePUB, the highly demanding eBook formats. Sell the book on Kindle Amazon or various other platforms. 

Book Illustrations 

Have you checked the latest book illustrations on Neil Gaiman’s books such as the Sandman series and other stories? Hire one of the best book illustrators uk expert enough to awestruck you and the readers with incredible illustrations for your book. 

You can also transform the book into an Audiobook as it is also in demand these days. Again, Amazon is a pioneer to sell Audiobooks at nominal rates. 

Nothing can stop you from being a bestselling author by following these ideas.


Ideas to market your new illustrated children’s book

Creating a mark of yours as a successful children’s book writer might be challenging but not that difficult if you have a nice story to tell with attractive illustrations. You should hire an illustrator for the whole book illustration project and request the professional to stand by your side during the marketing phase. 

In the launch too, have the illustrator and introduce the person to your audience for developing your connection with the young readers and business network too with other writers and publishers intrigued to work with you and your illustrator. 

You can do a lot more for marketing your new illustrated children’s book. Here, some effective marketing ideas are shared—

  1. Create your brand

Whether or not you are self publishing London or anywhere in the UK, start your journey as a children’s book author with self-branding. Create a page of yours on Amazon despite having your website where you share your bio, your journey as a writer and so far how many books you have published, etc. 

  1. Convert into eBooks

On Amazon, you can also sell eBooks by converting your book into an ePub format or Kindle format. Many mums love reading the illustrated books to their children from tablets, mobile phones and laptops. You can also sell quite a few digital copies of your book by converting it into an eBook.

Initially, you can give away free samples for dragging the attention of the targeted audiences. Hire the best professionals for the book layout services whether for the paper-based book and eBooks.

  1. Know your target audience & strategize accordingly 

Normally, the targeted buyers of children’s illustrated books are women of 24-44. So, considering the market research, you can design the marketing besides hiring the best book cover services. Opt for the most influential email marketing, Sponsored ads on social media, free launch invitations, etc.

Plan a gift along with the book on the first 50 purchases or share discounted coupons that shoppers love to apply. 

Target the book on social media sites like Goodreads to gain a few positive reviews that you can promote on different digital platforms. Request the influencers for promoting your new children’s book on their channels for boosting sales.  


5 Ways to Market Your Book Online

Promoting your book in the era of digital marketing will not be that complex. But you require a strategy and an expert intervention for the 100% ROI. When you are almost done writing your next book, contact a reputed studio to hire the best book cover designers uk with incredibly fresh ideas to design the layout, front cover, back cover and spine of the book. 

The marketing team that you might hire will depend a lot on the book cover design. Even after self-publishing your book, if you decide to market your book, check out the five ways to promote your book online—

  1. Book Website 

Your new book needs a promotional home, and for that, you need to create a website. Showcase the website with the book trailer, creative book layout design, images, and photographs of your new book. 

Create a blog page where you can write about the book, genre, your thoughts and why the readers would be enticed by your book, and similar topics. 

You can also do some vlogs where you can hire a professional anchor to interview you and post the videos to the website. 

  1. Social Media Promotion

Reaching out to the target audiences on social media is easy. Impress readers with the book cover images of your traditionally published or self-published book on different platforms. Whether you opt for eBook conversion or books self publishing, use the best of social media promotions to drive more book readers to buy your book. 

  1. Sponsored Advertisement 

Opt for sponsored advertisement on both social media and search engines after a thorough market study. You must hire an illustrator for not only creating the illustrations for your eBook or hardcopies but also for promotional activities at the same time. 

  1. Email Marketing 

Go for email marketing to inform more readers about the book and impress them with a discount coupon. Send an invitation to the readers for the online launching of your book. 

  1. Trailer Launch 

Consider creating and launching a book trailer on the website to strike the cord of interest among readers. 

Release a launch date and time on your website. Sell your book by offering discounted rates or signed copies online. 

Why hiring a book cover artist is relevant?

A book cover creates the “first impressions” for the targeted readers. Even today, the book industry has to believe in the opposite of the old saying- don’t judge a book by its cover when mostly the book shoppers tend to get enticed by the captivating book covers where the book cover artists showcase their creativity in depicting the genre and the theme of the book. 

If you’re a writer or associated with publishing or conspiring to enter the book business, know the relevance of hiring a book cover illustrator or an artist for creating the covers of books—

Allure potential book buyers 

Professional book cover illustrators have the notion to exhibit any book with captivating book cover layouts to allure more readers or book shoppers. Even though the writer is famous or the genre successfully grabs the attention of relevant readers, the covers still play a major role in driving more customers towards the book. 

Keep room for reviews

Apart from picking up the most accurate colour and typography combination, the book cover illustrators have to keep some space to portray the recent reviews from other successful writers, journalists, and Newspapers to educate readers about the incredible impression the book has created on the reviewers that drove them to pen those amazing words.

The exclusive reviews are printed on the back cover of the books and the folded portion that remains inside the book features the short biography of the author.

Focus on Genre & Theme

 Whether for established writers or self publishers, the book cover illustrators focus on the genre a well as the theme of the books to create the design more pertinent. 

For all these services, hiring a professional book cover artist is highly relevant. 

How to Design a Successful Children Book Cover?

Children are fascinated by the enticing book covers of Peter Pan, The Secret Garden, Treasure Island, Stories by Brothers Grimm, Enid Blyton, and different other children’s books from various writers. 

Besides the brilliance of the stories, the children book illustrator will never leave the chance to allure the little readers with the interesting covers as it portrays so many cool images of dragons, ships, animals and human characters, clowns, Christmas trees and fairies.

If you have written a book and your target readers are children, then the cover must have the enchanting elements to grab the attention of the little readers. 

A few ideas are shared to design a successful children book cover—

Hire a book cover designer 

Find and hire an experienced team offering book cover design services for children to help you in this regard before you step into the next step of publishing the book. The professionals have prior experience in designing children books and their creativity mixes with the latest software technology allow them to display fascinating children’s book covers. 

More Sparkling Cover  

Children books are explicitly vibrant. The overuse of colours and the sparkling typography for the title and the author’s name tempt the child readers more. 

A layout for ebook 

Even if you have thought of a self publishing ebook for children, creating an appealing cover is essential. You can also take professional support for ebook cover designs and add all those elements for making the book a bestseller. 


3 Best Ways to Create A Fabulous Book Cover

Are you intrigued to acquire the bestselling shelf for your new book? A great writing style and captivating characterisation skills might make your next paper-based book or eBook a hit but you should acknowledge the immense impact enforced by a great book cover even when you boast on self publish my book

Go forward to find and hire an illustrator, recognised in the book industry for their artistic exuberance portrayed on the covers of different bestselling books and eBooks.

If you would like to know more about creating a fabulous book cover, we have got the 3 best ways to do it—

Hire a Book Cover Illustrator 

With the professional assistance of creating the most appealing covers by the strongly recommended book cover designers, you can quickly move a few steps forward to convince more readers to buy your book. 

Focus on the genre

Considering the genre, the theme of the book, and by focusing on the primary protagonist- the designers often use an image. For instance, the new book by Barrack Obama- A Promised Land features his picture as this book is Obama’s Biography. The image of the heath on the cover of Wuthering Heights explains the rugged nature and how it directly affects Heathcliff- the primary protagonist or antagonist. 

Professional eBook Illustration 

For more readers, always go for ebook conversion of your book and for that also, hire an illustrator for designing the cover of your eBook layout. Often the covers of eBooks differ from that of paperbacks or hardcovers. 

Remember that today’s genre-loving readers create an instant psychological connection with the book covers much before they create a tactical connection.